Home assistant energy graph

Energy Cards – Home Assistant

30. jun. 2022 — I would like to have a statistics graph showing me how much energy was used during that hour in a bar chart. But whenever I add the card and …

An overview of the energy cards that are available.

Help with creating current energy use graphs – Configuration

22. jul. 2022 — Hi all, I’d love to be able to add a “energy-usage-graph” card to a dashboard and have the ability to select which entity/entities we want …

Split “Energy Usage Graph” – and make use of the “Monitor …

Statistics Graph: Energy usage per hour in kwh in bar chart

Statistics Graph Card – Home Assistant

The Statistics Graph card allows you to display a graph with statistics data for each of the entities listed.

Statistics graph for longtime energy consumption – Frontend

Energy production/consumption graphs – Configuration

Entities selection in the “energy-usage-graph” graph

Statistics Graph with Energy Sensor – Trying to Mimic the …

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