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A nursing home is like your own home with possibilities for you to participate in events and activities with other members. You can also receive care and …

Citizens over the age of 65 may apply for a room in a nursing home. You can also apply for a place on behalf of a family member.

Elderly care and home care – City of Copenhagen

Elderly care and home care | International.kk.dk

You can apply for elderly care and home care in Copenhagen if you meet certain requirements.

Elderly care – Healthcare DENMARK

Elderly care and elder care technology | Healthcare Denmark · Healthcare DENMARK

31. maj 2021 — The elderly in Aarhus are free to choose between private and public services when they need help with cleaning, personal care and cooking.

Elderly care and elder care technology | Healthcare Denmark

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You can read much more about Seniors House and the architectural ideas behind Denmark’s first homes for the elderly designed for people with autism by …

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Elderly Care

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Learn about family, health and elderly care in Aarhus.

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7 Different Types of Senior and Elderly Care Living Options

There are various different types of senior and elderly care to help get the right choice.

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